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Grape Varieties: Zibibbo 100 %

Vinification: The grapes, fully ripened, are manual harvested and dried under the sun for a week.
After a soft pressing, the must is enriched with concentrated must from the same grapes.
A little percentage of alcohol may be added till 16 degrees.

Primary Aging: Six months in Slavonian oak barrels

Secondary Aging: Almost four months in bottle

Alcoholic Content: 16 % Vol.

Residual Sugars: 130 g /l

Color: Intense golden yellow with honey-coloured highlights

Nose:  the aromas of dried figs, dates and candied orange peel take centre stage. The bouquet is fine and elaborate, with heady nuances of sage and lemongrass.

Palate: aristocratic freshness that advances on a soft and ambitious palate. Intense, pleasant fruitiness with an assertive and delicate taste, as sweet as the sun that caresses its native island.

Serving Suggestions: Good accompaniment to Sicilian cassata and almond cakes and pairs wonderfully blue-veined cheeses

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