Feudo Solaria

Feudo Solaria

The territory

In our Vineyards we cultivate the best native Sicilian grapes by strictly following traditional and biological methods without neglecting the due attention to international grape varieties.

In particular, the vineyard of Contrada Sullerìa in Rodì Milici is located in a landscape of extraordinary beauty, a theatre for the excellent viticulture dating back to the Roman times; the Mamertino wine produced in this area used to delight Julius Caesar.

The light and warmth of the Sicilian sun, together with the light breeze and the beneficial temperature ranges, allow grapes to become gradually ripe up to the moment of being picked up. this gives our red wine pleasant rounded notes. On the other hand, white wines are extremely fresh and tasty thanks to the high level of minerals present in the land and to the effects of sea exposure.

The date of the harvest is carefully chosen by observing the plants' vegetative development, tasting grapes and undertaking continuous analytical and scientific checks, together with the evolution of each single parameter until the optimum maturity is reached.

In full honour to tradition, grapes are being picked up manually with delicate precision.
This allows to carry out an initial selection of the best grapes, which after being placed in small cases they are transported to the wine cellar.

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