Feudo Solaria

Feudo Solaria

Nocera Grapes

Historically cultivated in the Messina area, before spreading to other territories (it is also widespread in Calabria, as well as in France in the territory of Provence and Beaujolais), Nocera has found its greatest vocation in the promontory of Milazzo, where in recent years some companies have taken it up and enhanced it with extraordinary results.

It is a large-berried grape – when compared to the classic Sicilian varieties – with a loose cluster and a pulp-skin ratio to the advantage of the pulp. The grape has an intermediate shape, a pronounced bloom and a bluish-black colour skin that distinguishes it visibly, develops prominent aromatic scents and good chromatic intensity thanks to a massive presence of anthocyanins.

Production is abundant and ripens in October.

It resists disease well and is often vinified both alone, but above all, in a blend with other grapes such as Nero d’Avola and / or with other DOC Mamertino wines (for a maximum of 40%): the real keystone of Mamertino that constitutes its regional trademark.

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